SALUS - Crisis Preparedness 
and Protection Service

Salus is a  Worldcom -branded crisis preparedness and response service designed to help organisations protect high value human, physical, intellectual or brand assets in the event of a crisis occurring.
The service is designed to protect brands in one or multiple countries by using the same preparation approach with support from local crisis experts who understand the country’s local market context.

The service has two phases, Prepare and Protect.

The Prepare phase provides an initial risk assessment, intake of essential information and identification of who to contact in the event of a crisis occurring. It also provides the client access to 24x7x365 on-call availability of Worldcom’s crisis experts.

The Protect phase delivers expert protection and crisis management during a live crisis.


Which companies is Salus de signed to help?

Organisations with high value assets where the harm from a crisis could be significant and long-lasting
- P hysical, intellectual, brand and human

Organisations where there is medium level risk
- Threats are real but not ever-present
- The damage would be significant in the event of a crisis

Organisations for whom outsourced support makes sense
- Because risks are not ever-present t
here is no need for a full-time internal crisis team

The brand damage could be felt in multiple territories
- While the crisis event may be limited to one country the harm to the brand reputation could be felt in many others

Simple Pricing Model


Salus  Prepare  One Country

  • Initial risk assessment, onboarding and standard preparation initial fee between €1,500 and €2,400*
  • Readiness fee – 24x7x365 access to experts and their tools between €175 and €300 per month*
  • Minimum protection period 12 months

*Depending on the individual country

Salus Prepare Multiple Countries

HQ country
Same fees as per One Countryplus annual partner coordination fee for lead partner €1,500

Supporting country
Same fees as per  One Country


Fee per hour for active protection in a crisis

Discount for additional services

We have a range of additional crisis management and preparedness services including:

  • Preparing response documents
  • Preparing detailed crisis policy and procedures
  • Media training
  • Crisis rehearsals
  • Messaging sessions
  • Daily online monitoring report (or other frequency)
If you subscribe to the Salus service, additional services will benefit from a 10% discount

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Salus experts are available in the following countries

Kroonpark 2a
6831 GV Arnhem
Postbus 3037
6802 DA Arnhem
+31 26 443 15 23

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